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    Same here. Check it daily. Lots of good info shared by all. Congrats on 6 years Justin


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      Thanks for remembering once again Per! Six years already?!?! I always find myself saying this but Where does the time go?

      Bill, so glad you still stop by even though you sold Rosemary's car. I know you wanted to make room in the garage for that highboy Roadster you've always wanted.

      I appreciate all the great info you share here Phil and thanks!

      My sincerest thanks to you all for being part our site!

      BTW: there are a lot of changes in the works for one you all have probably noticed the site is hitting on only about three cylinders. No new members can join and new accounts with under 5 posts cannot submit successfully. The platform this site is on is outdated and no longer supported so all these glitches cannot be corrected fully. My webmaster will converting all the current content to the new V-bulletin platform. There is a lot of content here and I certainly don't want to lose so it will be a pricey and time consuming proposition, but, what can you do? Six years was a good run. I'll keep everyone posted as the transition gets closer.

      Thanks to everyone once again!!
      Justin Rio


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        ...yep, I second whatever they said.

        A LOT of work, Justin.....and money, too. Thanks for all, for free. I look forward to whatever transition is in the works. I also suggest that all of 'us' send donations to Justin to help his own NFP.

        As for some of "us," Bill posted here: "Thanks for making this site available to all of us. Even we "inimical" ones."

        Before "inimical" was in vogue 'over there'.... we were among the "curmudgeons"....that's how long some of "us" were in/on emailed lists and boards and then forums about 356s......but as far as I am concerned, this site has been the most fun. It has also challenged me to know and learn more, to be more correct about topics I merely assumed I knew all about....and didn't or don' keep up the mental exercise, please. ....and the chance to share old stories, too.

        Justin, unlike others on which we have participated, it's been a damned friendly site, too! Thanks for all you have done for "us" all.

        Best regards,
        Bruce Baker


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          Thanks a lot for that Bruce and everything else you do! You and several other guys have been extremely generous in the finance department over the years and I am very grateful for the help! It is and would be very much appreciated of course as things have gotten more expensive through the years but again its not necessary as your participation and the knowledge you share here is payment enough. You've been a great friend and I thank you once again for that!
          Justin Rio


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            Justin, you are correct that friendships can begin in this nurturing environment and as ever, through the cars, too. Thank you for your friendship.

            Still, I can't make enough time to read everything that is posted on and that is frustrating.

            I try to post carefully but I occasionally screw up, especially if I am hurrying or being interrupted.

            But we have FUN through all of this, at least for me.

            Doing a check on email anyway between the prior messages here, I got a message from the Registry that a thread on which I had posted had been continued by a much more recent posting. I visited the thread via the link and then looked at most of the first page of the Talk Forum where it was posted and then I suddenly realized...."How long have I been unwilling to or disallowed from a post on this (the Registry) site?!" Truthfully, I really don't know and that doesn't matter.....this site here is just fine without the perennial big-wigs over there.

            I see no big difference in substance and I really get a kick out of the entertainment here, the historical photos here, the personal nature of those kind enough to lend all sorts of facets of a common, 'it's all good.'



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              6 years has flown Justin and thanks for keeping this a site that everyone can be proud to contribute to. It has never had the egos or bullshit, just sharing information about our love of Porsche.

              I know upgrading a website is a massive commitment both timewise and financially - I am going through the same with my site which is nearly 10 years old and very out dated with information I have learned over the years - especially from this site.

              Happy to contribute financially to make the transition

              thanks again Andrew
              Driving the road to discovery -


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                Yes Justin I would also contribute with a payment you know that already. If the expense turns out far more that than your webmaster thinks time to ask !

                Your site even outdated as you say, is by far the best for putting on photos. So easy, a click or two from your PC documents and its done. The DDK site used to have photobucket till they started to charge. Sure it still possible but nothing as easy as ABCGT.

                How time flies by, but take it from me your project work and all you have accomplished in the 6 years,is amazing.

                Its been a pleasure watching all the projects and never any cross words or back biting just a happy site you know will make you smile!!




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                  Thank you for message. My thoughts completely. Its a great site. Thank you Justin. If contributions are needed count me in.



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                    Thank you so much for the positive feedback and all the great support you guys!

                    Like I've already told a few freinds privately, Any help would be greatly appreicated but certainly it isn't necessary. I feel wierd and guilty just mentioning it but if you would like to contact me directly about it I'm here:

                    But I'd like to stress again that there is NO obligation!

                    Thank you all so much once again!!
                    Justin Rio


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                      Happy 6th birthday abcGT! You can count me amongst the voices who both loves visiting and interacting with the great people that make up this site! Justin it would be my pleasure to send a small donation to help ensure this wonderful forum continues on. It would quite literally be a huge blackhole in my daily routine if this site where to disappear. So keep up the great work!


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                        Thank you very much for that Vance and for ALL that you do here!
                        Justin Rio