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    I have to start thinking about an engine for the car. It comes with a 1600 VW type 1 as standard but i can upgrade that or source my own. Im not really that au fait with engines and how well a 1600 may perform.

    Any thoughts or suggestions. Is a 1600 enough to keep up with modern traffic on the freeway? Would a 2100+ be too over the top or maybe in between with an 1800.

    Or a Porsche engine of some description. maybe a 912? or more modern.

    All suggestions welcome. Thanks!

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    Consider a Subaru boxer 4 cyl. 2.2 or 2.5
    Moderation in all things - resistance is futile


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      Here's another option
      Click image for larger version

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        If you considderthat most 356 cars were in the 70-80hp range and a 1600 beetle engine should have about 60hp it is pretty close. Add twin carbs,slightly higher compression and 70 hp is within reach without breaking the bank


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          Thank you for the suggestions


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            What Armand says is right to the point. Of course if you want more grunt then other options. I reckon a 1600cc well sorted, will keep your car up with the normal traffic just fine. My super engine with 75 hp has no trouble.

            Remember a 356 engine or 912 is fine but if its well worn it will cost you a lot to rectify. Its the way you go, not always how fast it goes!



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              A good compromise would be a VW Type 1 at 1715CC.
              It will reliably put out about 90 to 100HP all day.
              Easy to build as well.
              Moderation in all things - resistance is futile


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                Thanks again all good suggestions. I like the sound of all of them!


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                  My original dream powerplant was a punched out type-4 with a 911 fan shroud assembly.
                  Click image for larger version

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                  I spent many an hour in an old Fat Peformance cataloge dreaming about this engine. For me personally, I have no use for a Porsche push-rod motor. Thier more money and less HP when the dust settles; wouldnt bother me a bit if the crankcase reads VW so long as it kicks ass. Never really considered a type one though Greg Banfills motor has completely changed my view on that. Take a look here:

                  There were some great videos of it here but youtube has been screwing around with thier format and have since disappeared.
                  Justin Rio


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                    Thanks for that Justin. Looks cool!