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    Very nice work!

    I like the nice detail on the steering wheel spokes. What brand wheel is that?
    Ashley Page


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      That is a cool Wheel and custom hub. You really are doing a nice job with the car. The detail in the carpet binding in the way it fits tight around the roll-bar base is first class! Really nice! Justin
      Justin Rio


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          Great job Tom, keep up the good work. Gordon


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            Excellent workmanship Tom. The TUV rules are a good thing in that they keep poor decisions and equipment off the road and make it safer for everyone. Especially important when you can also go as fast as you want on parts of the autobahn... Looking forward to seeing some road rash on your car.


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              guys, need your help!

              Regarding to my Blaupunkt radio wich is mounted in my car, I need an antenna to get the thing working...

              Even not period correct, I am thinking about putting one of Ricardos Telefunken repops to the car...


              What do you guys think about that, might the angle work the windshield? Will it look nice or will it look totally "wrong"?

              Comments welcome


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                Hi Tom,

                I personally would never drill the hole in my body for the antenna especially on a hot rod custom. All that aside the windshield center mount unit your interested in is more for a split or bent-window version car. It would look very odd and out of place on a curved windshield. I think you need that break or V-bend in it for that to look right.

                If I had to run an antenna I'd find the smallest sleekest one and create some sort of internal mount at one of the rear quarter window frames corners. That way when I wanted to listen to the radio all I'd have to do is open the latch and extend the antenna. Completely hidden otherwise when not in use. Or run it out the deck lid grill. Just some ideas, but my vote would be stealth/hidden all the way. Justin
                Justin Rio


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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_00000410.jpg
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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_00000405_edit.jpg
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                  Some shots from today. Rear is now dialed in, no engine and cambercomp installed right now, so car will sit lower then now. I will do some research about different offsets and tire sizes now to get right dimensions for the custom rear wheel.

                  Interior nearly finished, but will change seat bottoms to "stock" shape as those came out too flat in the upholstery shop. Shifter with will be custom made to my specs and is currently under cunstruction. Hope you like it!

                  Cheers, Tom


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                    Looking really good Tom.
                    The Green paint and wheels are nice.
                    Keep up the good work. Gordon


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                      Really looking nice Tom! Love the color combo and choice of wheels!!
                      Did you drill your door handles?
                      Keep 'em coming!
                      Justin Rio


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                        Nice car Tom. A lot of work on the interior and the carpeting. Nicely finished work there.

                        And a roll cage!




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