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  • Moi Moi Juha,
    Kitos 4 joining a nice 356 forum.
    You can use your 356 to drive some nice ice/snow racing on the lakes

    It is a relly friendly bunch of 356 guys & girls from around the globe that all can help you out if you get into a mess or have a question or need advice.

    Im in the southern part of Schweden about 30 min ride to Copenhagen, DK.
    Been into aircooled for the last +30 years
    Ha de


    • Juha,

      Now that was an interesting story on your 356. Very unusual to know the car years before you actually buy it.

      I believe Finland is similar to the UK for often having rain and for you snow. So, I hope the 356 is not too rusty underneath. Most can be repaired these days and its worth going well as 356 cars these days seem to hold their value very well.

      So welcome along hope you enjoy this forum as so many others do. If you are having a problem on the car just ask, people will help you try to solve the problem.

      Your English is very good and that will help you here.

      Best of luck with your car!



      • Just starting first 356 restoration. I have done vw's and a 911 I purchased a 1962 b t6 it is not numbers matching but does have super 90 engine that is correct for this car according to the COA. I have disassembled the car placed on a rotisserie, the car has been blasted and primed and just starting metal repairs. I think this site will be a great asset to my project
        Click image for larger version

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        Click image for larger version

Name:	20160914_135820.jpg
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        • Juha, thats a great looking 356 you've got there. The stance is really nice! Thank you for joining us and welcome along here!

          Welcome Scott and thanks for posting! There are several guys here rebuilding T6 coupes that could really offer some useful advice along your restoration journey. Please think about beginning your own build post in the projects section. We'll look forward to your updates.

          Welcome once again you guys!

          Justin Rio


          • New Member Rob Neal From Essex in UK....

            Currently Building a Porsche 356 Pre A Coupe Replica from Speedster Clinic. My Build thread is on the DDK forum so if you want to check out where I'm up to please follow the Link.


            • Hey Rob,

              Thanks for posting and welcome along here! Sounds like another great hot rod pre-A project. The Speedster clinic seems to turn out a really nice quality body. Will definitely have a look at your post on DDK but also think about a companion thread here if you the time. Best of luck on your journey and welcome once again!
              Justin Rio


              • Hello Folks, I purchased this 1963 356T6 B about a decade ago. It’s “near perfect” which begs the question, why am I posting on this forum? Well…..the serenity prayer is in order….grant me the wisdom to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

                Please follow the explanation in my project post which will soon be created. She was far from perfect under that pretty red lipstick. Her original color is Bali Blue.

                Thanks to John Brooks for the invite and to Robert for the tour of his shop and a welding lesson. I’m going to need a lot more. It’s been 10 years, what’s another 10?

                This is Ravi Singh, my moniker is my first and last name combined in its Sanskrit meaning, Sunlion! I live in the Seattle metro area and have acquired a project for each decade of the ‘60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. This was not on purpose but pure naïveté!!!! I have a wife, a 17yo boy and 13yo from my gay ex-wife, a mid century house where all the money has gone and a
                handful of Porsche projects. Plus I’m an urgent care

                I’m am grateful to be here and becoming part of this community. I’ve yet to have a first drive in my 356 or in any other 356 and look forward to that day.


                • It’s difficult to tell but she’s 100% Swiss cheese.


                  • Welcome along here Ravi. My, that is a very ambitious project, I never would have believed this to be the same car as in your first photo. Thank you for sharing it and I look forward to any updates on your progress. ~Vance


                    • Welcome Ravi, Thanks for join us over here and my thanks to John Brooks for the support. That car was deceptively bad. Nothing I trust less than a freshly painted 356 without progress shots. So you have decided to rebuild this car or are you going to cut your losses and pass it on? Best of luck with it either way.

                      Justin Rio


                      • Ravi

                        Start a restoration link on your car and start to post you photos there, Its been blasted and is in primer so it can sit for a few months. While we are waiting to get it into the shop you can start on some of the components. You also need to start to separate them and inventory all the bits and get them together. Its going to be a year on the bodywork, there much Swiss Cheese in the chassis but nothing too hard to fix. But the suspension components and brakes etc can be done now while we are waiting. There is lots of cleaning and rework that you can start now. Cleaning and de-rusting is a good family job teaching the kids how things work.

                        John Brooks
                        Pushed around since 1966.


                        • I was introduced to this site by John Brooks, and have been thoroughly enjoying it. Just 356 guys having fun doing what they love best.

                          I got started in 356's back in the late 60's, but most of my restoration experience has been with VW's. I've owned over 30 air cooled Porsche-designed vehicles in the years since, had my own engine rebuilding business when I was in college in Berkeley in the late 60's and early 70's and I worked as a Porsche dealer mechanic in the mid-70's. I used to have a love affair with type 3 VW's, and restored at least a dozen of them back in the 70's and 80's, but I started working in Silicon Valley in the 90's and time to do automobile projects disappeared until I retired in 2013. Since I retired I built a new shop and garage, so I finally have space to work on cars (other than the driveway).

                          I'm currently restoring a Convertible D purchased on BAT last August, and as Justin said, don't trust a freshly painted 356 without progress shots. However, I did get a chance to look at the car before I bought it, and I didn't see anything I couldn't either fix myself or live with. In addition to a fresh paint job, the car has front and rear clips that were done in the 90's using bondo (I plan to live with those), and it had a rusted battery box that I knew about and a rusted shelf under the gas tank that I discovered later. The front hood had an old kink repair. I bought a Miller TIG welder and fixed the battery box and shelf under the gas tank, and now I'm working on the hood, the interior and trying to work my way to the rear of the car. The engine and transmission will come last. The running gear is done.

                          It might sound like I have some knowledge of 356 body work, but the actual truth is I have none. The restorations I used to do on VW's were far simpler. Go to the junkyard, buy a fender and bolt it on. Strip the interior of a junkyard VW and use the parts to restore another. Parts used to be common and cheap. A car with rust was the last thing anyone wanted. When I was in Berkeley, I was given a '57 VW that ran fine, but the floors were rusted out. Nobody wanted it, and the owner was happy to get rid of it. I put plywood in and drove it for a year like that.

                          Anyway, thanks for having me. I have already benefitted from great advice on fixing the hood of the D, and I look forward to sharing my progress.
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                          Retired software engineer
                          '59 Convertible D
                          '64 SC