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Rhode Island 1964 Albert Blue 356C Coupe

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  • Rhode Island 1964 Albert Blue 356C Coupe

    Hello all,
    I am restoring an Albert Blue 1964 356 C Coupe at home.
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    I am interested in all techniques used by board members to successfully complete my project.

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    Nice starter, how is the bottom and floors. There are many examples here, on what to do and how to do it. What do you have for publications and tools?

    I think this is a Glasurit BALIBLAU 6412 1964-1965 they also had a EMAILBLAU 6403 in 64. I don't show an Albert blue in my data. The photos look a little light for 6403. Paint tag in in the drivers door will have the code.

    Looks like the engine has been changed, its a S90 motor. What is the engine number?
    Please feel free to contact me for questions, I am on the west coast but always available.

    Paint codes here

    Start a restoration thread and let's do this.
    Pushed around since 1966.


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      Hi Tom,

      Welcome along here! Looks like a good, complete project. As John asked, what do the floors look like? We'll be happy to help with any questions along the way.
      Welcome once again!
      Justin Rio


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        JB, I think that would be the most faded Bali blue ever......
        Maybe 6403 Sky blue? 6012 Konigsblau? 6003 Aetna? Hard to imagine a preview of Albert on a 356, but it could have been done and not for the first time. More common though to have been a backdate.

        I see the side maker on the left fender....spent some time in Europe?

        You are correct- first check the left door hinge cover plate plaque!

        Still, looks like a good project 356. My late mother used to throw an old saying at me regularly: "How did the little bug eat the elephant? One mouthful at a time."



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          Ah, I saw the other thread and see the sand-back and the darker blue under the primers and lighter blue.
          As Gilda Radner's Roseanne Roseannadanna (spelling on all?) would say on the old SNL...."Never mind...."

          Ah, THERE is the COA......

          Now, it maybe is time to say that induction heaters are great, but so is a few years of soaking with Kroil on every nut and fastener. A trick I learned the hard way is to drill a small hole behind the suspension point and insert a wand from the Kroil and just spray from every-which direction. In and out a part turn at a time and those stubborn bushing cover bolts don't break.



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            Welcome Tom,
            Looks closest to Sky Blue, 6403, of the standard C colors, but closer to the Oslo Blue, 6203, B's I've seen. Of course your data plate should have the correct code. Folks could order any color they wanted back in the day.


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              Old car is here. Now this is the time when we start to modify this car. I show you the which is here on the page and which is just mention on this page ever. Hope you take help and show your new model of car which you need to modify here.