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WR 2132cc engine

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  • WR 2132cc engine

    I had totally missed Willhoits Big Bore kit.
    Just happened to see the Jay Leno show about a 356 with this engine.
    It seems perfect Hp vs weight for the 356
    / JOP

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    Per, did you see how the new bore size encroaches into the stud holes? Certainly not an expert but I'd say that's about as far as you go... and 35K into a push-rod Porsche motor? Imagine the Type 1 you could build for half the cost and with more HP and at about the same weight. Greg Banfills motor comes to mind.
    Justin Rio


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      Glad you liked the video.

      I've now had three cars with WR engines. I had the 2132cc in my 64 356c, a twin plugged, MSD controlled version in my 56 356A GT clone, and a 2,2L twin plugged, MSD controlled version in my 912. I am now putting a fourth 2,2L WR single plug in my sleeper 58 356A.

      I drove the 356c at 80 mph from Palo Alto to Fresno (180 miles) in July of 2015 with an ambient temperature of 102 degrees; the motor remained totally cool with a oil temp of 180 degrees. The car ran beautifully and I never had an issue. I think Willhoit has 25 or so of these engines (+2L) out there, and he has not had any failures that I am aware of.

      As for building a VW engine, that is definitely a viable option. I think it all comes down to how closely you wish to adhere to the Porsche form factor/tradition. One of my best friends is a VW engine builder named Pat Downs. He has built 2 different 2332s for me -- one for a replica Spyder and another for my Binz double cab, but I personally don't feel that a VW engine belongs in a 356. That's a value judgement for each person to make. The quality and rarity of the new and original parts, respectively, are of a different level in Willhoit's engines over a VW stroker motor, and long term, I think this is worthy of consideration if a car will be kept and driven.

      Other options for performance engines, like the Polo and Rod's new Rothsport builds are equally expensive, if not more, with their own pros and cons. It all depends on your worldview of what is "at home" in your engine bay. For me, the WR motor is the best balance of authenticity, reliability, and performance.

      If you are ever interested in driving one, my cars are always available to you.

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        From a collector standpoint that makes sense Anand. Could not link to your video??