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Hot Rod Coupster on Jay Leno's garage

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  • Hot Rod Coupster on Jay Leno's garage

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    Thanks for that, its a nice video. I wonder where he bought the speedster panels from after removing the coupe pieces. It looks nicely done and Justin's comments would be interesting on this car.
    It looked and sounded nice to me. I took tge liberty of posting it on DDK.



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      Thanks for passing this along Roy! oh, you want my opinion? Well thanks once again, I never assume anyone cares about what I think; I know my girlfriend sure doesn't. Well my 2 cents for what its worth is that its pretty cool! I love hot rod/customs so it scores points right off the bat. The overall presentation is nice. Not only was a ton of time spent on the conversion itself but you could tell an effort was made to get it pretty straight as well. I was watching the reflections go down the side of the body as they went up the road. The contour and sweep of the rear cowl seems to hold true to form and did not throw up any red flags. This car is a T2 and I find it interesting that guys these days want to back date to beehives unlike the exact opposite in the 60's and 70's. I think Trevor Gates was talking about doing the same with his car. Anyway the Fuchs work for me as well though I think polished is a bit nicer.
      As far as any critiques I have there are a few; keeping in mind we all have our own ways of doing things and I am quite sure the builder of this car probably would not care for a few of the options that I have chosen for my cars but hey that's what makes life interesting. IMHO the convertible top is a no go. I understand he was shooting for a more swoopy graceful profile but it doesn't work for me. Like Craig Richter has said its very hard to improve on the original Porsche design and the further you begin to deviate from it the more its appeal becomes highly subjective.
      I am one of those weird guys that actually prefers the look of this car with its top up; which is why I combed heaven and Earth for an original Low bow top for my project to complete my fantasy. Aside from his custom lower back bow these kit car frames do not have the base or Cowl bow that secures the bottom lip of the top fabric. Instead they are Tennax fastened along the cowl which is also the way he went with it. To someone who knows what he's looking at this car screams Kit or repro-speedster with its top up. The dash, seats and roll-up windows I would have also stayed away from and kept it "correct". If you want roll-up windows and padded seats build a Roadster. My goal with my car is to fool even the most seasoned 356 enthusiast into believing I butchered a real speedster... of course until they see the VIN#.
      Click image for larger version

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      Here's an old mock-up shot of my coupster with my coveted lowbow. No matter how modified you get you have to have the right top to pull this illusion off... Anyway all that aside a very inspirational conversion that was actually completed. Wish I could claim the same.
      I went on fantasy junctions site and it has since been sold. I wonder what it went for????? Justin
      Justin Rio


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        Did anyone notice how edgy the previous owner got when Leno was
        driving the car. I am with Justin, should of kept it like a true Speedster.
        Justin, we always appreciate your opinion.


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          Justin, Change...assume all here do care about your opinion...and think about changing girlfriends. (Yiiiiks, don't let her see this!)
          Craig Richter


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            Thanks Gordon! "Edgy" with leno? How do mean that? I'll have to watch it again...

            Craig, I could possibly change girlfriends but eventually she would get wise to my BS and I'd find myself back in the same boat but under a new captain. Thanks Craig!
            Justin Rio



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