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    I have chronicled the majority of the restoration of my 356 in the hallowed web pages of the Der Deutscher Classiker site and followed this up with various details of the engine conversion from squeaky little volks sounding four banger to booming muscular 911 origin flat six so if you want info on that swap have a look at 'project 25'. I'm getting the car back to my own garage after being worked on by the outstanding crew down at Classic Fabrications and as 'A' Winter is coming and 'B' there is nowhere to drive your car anyway I am thinking about what I should next get stuck into. I have mentioned before that when I started working on the car all I had was a rusty damaged shell plus a few boxes of bits. Fortunately there was a steering column and steering box but the bushes in the column were in poor condition and the steering box had quite a bit of play which I was able to adjust out but there was still a fair amount of wear apparent. I recall I made the best of a bad job in making the steering column workable locating the bushes at either ends and eliminating most of the play. The other thing I had concern over was with the linkpins and kingpins which PR services rebuilt for me but required a disproportionate amount of shims to get the offset right and it's not right now.
    So I'm looking at chopping all this steering box, linkpin, torsion bars stuff off the car and going with a rack and pinion steering set up plus either a macpherson suspension set up or small A arms like a mini Mustang 2 front suspension. Now I'm only an old hot rodder with very minor engineering skills, OK I've built a couple of street rods but those were not much more than cutting up bits of steel and basic fabrication, so for this re-design of front suspension I think I shall call upon the skill and technical knowhow of a local engineer Mr Tony Jarvis of Chassiscraft. Whilst the work is being done I shall assist more than likely by sweeping the floor and making the tea but I will be taking lots of pics and will give a full report on the fun and games which will occur.
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    A major bit of surgery for sure but the performance improvements would be notable. I'm sure your boy is capable of the fabrication but a really smart option would be to invest in the complete A-arm front suspension kit from Mendeola . A lot of the VW customizer's are running both their offered front and rear suspension kits. They are really trick, here's a look:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	m31302.jpg Views:	0 Size:	48.8 KB ID:	110099 Click image for larger version  Name:	m266537.jpg Views:	0 Size:	57.7 KB ID:	110100 Click image for larger version  Name:	m1627369.jpg Views:	0 Size:	60.7 KB ID:	110101
    I think the complete kit runs about 3K US and is the best bang for the buck IMHO. Its all there, rack and pinion, swaybar, drop spindles, all the pick up points with the optimal geometry all ready to go, all Tony would have to do is install. Would also shave a ton of build time off. Just an FYI. Keep us posted on how it goes...
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      That is a really neat set and you are right about the price, just over 3K which would be way more than I would pay. We rough estimated that with billet coil-overs, billet rack, all in stainless and fully rose jointed we should get change out of £1500 , about 1950 US at current exchange rates. I would love to get things started over the Winter but I'm having a bunch of building work done at my home plus I also have a new Harley street chop motocycle being built now and did I mention my Cobra having a toploader to Tremec 5 speed swap happening as well. Not a lot of spare time at the moment.


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