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    I'm from the South of England and picked up on this web site from my main web DDK. I'm a member of the Porsche club GB and the American association 356 Registy. Owning a newish Cayenne, a not so new '86 Carrera SSE and a modified 356B I sort of have a foot in most camps. This is good and bad. PCGB tend to feature late model stuff which in the main I don't care for, the way the 356 Registry members fuss over the minutiae of their cars doesn't endear me to this crew. My 356 is much modified because basically I'm just an old hot rodder and the guys in DDK seem to accept this style of car be it 911 or 356 so I'm hoping this website will provide me with interest and acceptance.

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    here's my car
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      Welcome. Hey it's your car, do with it what ever you like. This is a good resource for how to do,it your self. And there are projects here that you may think are beyond your capabilities, But after watching one of us do something it is not so intimidating to try it your self. The registery is full,of authenticity police, it's a good resource if you want to build a trailer queen, and drag it from shop to parking lot to let people see it.
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        Hi Graham, Thanks for joining us here and welcome! I went over to DDK had a look and found your project; Project 25 right? That's going to be a screamer once you get her all dialed in. I have a strong hot rod/ custom streak in me too and began heavily modifying a '56 coupe 20 years ago. Still not complete and is currently is resting on its side in my shop until I can get a few other obligations out of the way. I went the same route as you with a complete 911 rear suspension and drive train. You can see part of my progress here:

        I'll have to contact Roy and thank him personally for steering you over this way. He's been a great friend for several years now. Anyway I hope you'll continue to visit on occasion Graham. Welcome once again.
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          Great to have you on the forum. You already know I have been amazed at the work you have carried out on your 356 it really is something different and you have done so well. You will appreciate the Restoration section on ABCGT as its practical and the work carried out amazing. The photos make the restoration work so much easier to follow and I have followed so many now this forum is always closely followed.
          I think you will like it here !!!



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            Always appreciated Roy!