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Installing a Convertible D Windshield

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    Dave, Thanks for those photos above. I would like to say no problems but.... there are some I see that would make me think what to do! Like you I have been messing about on cars since the 60's and have had a number of 356 cars and have had some experience of 356 bodywork. However if it were an old beetle less worry, the convertible D in good condition is valuable, And at the moment it looks to those who are not aware acceptable and very shiny to look at. I do see although it could be the photo 's the fenders on both sides seem to come out of body line. I think its easier to list the points that concern me.
    1). The twisted repaired hood channels are worrying as it must have been hit hard, ( Did you ever have the hood rubber seal to stop water ingress fitted around the channel? I don't think you did ?

    2). Under the fenders near the headlight buckets there are supports that go from the inner wing to the bulkhead and to which the horns are connected. Are they fitted? If they look perfect then the fender will be in line because one end is welded to it.
    3). The front bumper looks too close to the nose clip the gap is wider on mine. Were the original bumper supports changed?

    4). How they managed to get the original hood to get anywhere near that lowered fender is beyond me. That 'A' hood you purchased is so far off.

    To be honest with you Dick, In the day a Porsche registered agent would have put the car on a Celette mounting jig ( mounting frame ) and secured to datum points so the defective area's can be measured when new panels are to be welded in. It would also show if the suspension area's are still in line or tolerance.

    This work is really advanced for you Dick, Justin has the equipment to know he is correct in the work he does. Its so much harder than VW work and your car is valuable or should be if its proved to be good. That amateur but clever work on your car deserves to be put right if you have the money! Sorry to say either drive it kinks and all and enjoy it or get it repaired by someone who knows how to do it. Do not bodge it up! If you try to sell it most qualified 356 buyers will spot it all.

    Maybe many will disagree with my comments if they can prove their point , just check it out by showing the car to an approved metalwork guy.

    Sorry I cannot be more positive.