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      Palm Springs?
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        I posted this pic under SCCA, maybe this is pre SCCA, but anyway there is a America Roadster at 1952 Watkins Glen

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          Nice photo Foam car.

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          I believe this is the Sauter roadster?


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            Yes, suicide door.
            Engine # P66909... are you out there
            Fun 356 events in SoCal =


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                  Just recovering from the 4500 mile round trip to the Porsche Parade in Spokane (when this post was being submitted) with Roadster 10465.

                  Apparently there were two America Roadsters at Watkins Glen in 1952. The one pictured is probably No.3 serial number 10469, the red car, to which Briggs Cunningham and Phil Walters were introduced at the Porsche estate following the 1952 Le Mans race. This car is pictured at the Porsche estate (NOT Le Mans) on page 31 of "PORSCHE Speedster Typ 540" and in a number of other publications - interestingly, in front of a 1952 Chrysler no doubt driven by Briggs Cunningham, whose American sports cars were powered by the then new 331 Chrysler hemi engine. Porsche was hoping to get Cunningham to take Roadster No.2 (10465) and race it at Brynnfan Tyddyn, PA. Roadster 10465 was already at Hoffman's in New York so the only demonstrator Porsche had was 10469. Cunningham subsequently had Phil Walters drive the car to Porsche's first overall victory at Brynnfan Tyddyn (Devils Despair Hill Climb, still being run since 1906).

                  So, there were two Roadsters at Watkins Glen, as Cunningham had 10456 entered, apparently for his son.

                  How's that for an unsolicited history lesson . . .
                  Ron Roland


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                    Hi Ron, good to see you here on

                    Please know that I quietly thank you and Bill Romano almost daily for the ability to refresh my memory or quell a debate with your book.

                    Best regards,
                    Bruce Baker


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                      Hey Bruce,
                      Good to hear from you, been a while. Good to see you are still driving a Speedster - that is a current photo . . . right? Are you still in contact with Mike Curnow?


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                        Ron, not a "current" picture, as I sold 84255 to an long-time friend and customer about 5 years ago. He paid me to finish my crash repairs (and those of others before me) and make it more "original" as part of the price with an agreement of sale when I was finished. He has me trailer it back to PA for annual work lists since he permanently re-located into New England. I have re-restored his SC Cab twice now in 40 years, but he always wanted a he got mine. That avatar is from one of those trips.

                        I had no less than 15 Speedsters, one or more at a time, for 50 years. Now, like Justin making an A Coupe into a Speedster, I'll make my A Coupe into a '53 Roadster so I can sell it as the 20th of that series ... from being a secret "continuation" unit by Ferry. THEN I'll have enough money to retire.

                        Mike Curnow............humm, yes, occasionally. I have known him since the '60s but he is the poster-boy for the saying about an enigma wrapped in...something (or vice versa). Very difficult to actually buy something from him even if he purportedly offered it for sale. It seems he is constantly "testing the market" or it at least looks that way.

                        He is like Tony Euganeo....people have come to know that I go wa-a-ay back with both and contact me for a 'secret' way to get through to them. I can get through with either but it doesn't mean I can get any parts from or work done by them any better than a total stranger.

                        I have his new number if you want it. If so, please contact me at my shop, 610-831-1200 or



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                            Great to have you posting Ron. Love your book and old Registry articles.

                            Here's Phil Waters at Brynfan Tyddyn in 1952, on his way to victory.

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	1952brynfantyddynporscheAR78.jpg
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                            Looks like his front bumper is askew and his rear decklid has decided to part ways.


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                              WOW!!! Thanks so much. The only other picture I have, or am aware of, from the Brynfan Tyddyn race is a small black and white in the Oct 1952 Road & Track. It also shows the bumper drooping. Accompanying that is the small kink on the right front wheel opening. This only got worse over time. The aluminum on this car is the same thickness as a steel body, so not very strong. I took it to a hot-shot Ferrari restorer to have all the cracks welded up. I finally had to rescue the car from him and cut all of his botched patches out. I learned to weld aluminum by welding the small pieces back together, including the rocker panels and that fender section, then welding them into the body. A very round-about way to fix a few simple cracks - but now I can weld aluminum, for what that's worth.

                              After hearing of cooling problems that single-grill roadsters had (there were only two) I wonder if they just took the engine lid off to prevent overheating??


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                                Click image for larger version

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