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  • Entering large photos on this forum

    Some experimentation of how to get large photos on the forum subject. I will put some detail about this for people like me who might have had the same trouble. I start with a photo of me in 1970 holding my now 52 year old son at Worthing on the south coast of the UK

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2007_1028dominator0039.JPG
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ID:	112239 Roy

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    Think you got it Roy! Great photo, man you've had that car a long time. I hope your son shares the same passion for it.
    Justin Rio


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      Justin I have 3 sons the eldest as shown above, had a Boxster for some years and one of my other sons a 924. All three have grown up with this 356 and the other 356 cars I have owned. They have watched me all their lives solving one problem after another one on my A. To them, the car still looks the same as when they first saw it but their Dad looks somewhat older!!

      I don't think they would keep it, I hope I can, it keeps me feeling if not looking, still young. Trouble is Justin, they know what is entailed in keeping the A running and most kids now are used to the modern cars and really never working on them. I must say when I lift the lid on my BMW bonnet and look at the way they squeezed the engine in I can't really blame them.

      It is true though in the past 10 years of so there are so many people who stop and say how much they like my 356. Its the shape Justin the perfect shape !



      • JTR70
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        I know what you mean, our cars never seem to age as they were already considered old when we where in our prime. LOL I think you underestimate the importance of your old coupe in the eyes of your children. Dad's old car will take on even more significance sadly one the day as it will represent you, your passion and a physical conduit to the good old days. Hopefully not for a long while yet Roy you've still got some miles to cover my friend!

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      What a wonderful old photo Roy. Thank you for sharing it.



      • JR
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        Roy isn't old!
        He is lots younger than me!

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      Click image for larger version

Name:	8-2-15 1. Roy at Goodwood.jpg
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