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Tom's long hood conversion

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  • Tom's long hood conversion

    Tom Perazzo is a contributor to this sight. Since the lock down is now lifting and we all still have nothing to do. I thought I would share Tom' s fabrication series on his 911. He bought a bare tub a few years back and is making a 72 RS clone, and has done a super job at the backdate. Very detailed conversion and with excellent techniques, and some really amazing TIG skills. He explains each process in super detail. I have enjoyed having breakfast every Saturday morning with him for over a year and a half. Look at the link, to about 100 videos. Start to watch to almost amazing complete long hood, RS backdate conversion ever. Anyone with an extra 911/8 , 2.7 MFI engine, Tom accepts donations.

    From this shell. Click image for larger version  Name:	image.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	27.5 KB ID:	108997 . To this Click image for larger version  Name:	image.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	55.6 KB ID:	108998
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    Didn't realize Tom was turning into a Youtube star.. Very cool! Thanks for sharing.
    Justin Rio


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      In last Saturdays YouTube installment (06/13/20) , Tom has a 912 engine he is going to cobble together a mount for and install it in the 911 to at least get it on the road.

      He has a 915 transmission already, so he needs a 911 engine to do ti right. Anyone with an extra spare or loaner 911 engine, it would be nice to see this project get a proper engine. He has a 10K budget goal for the entire car and I am sure he is up against the edge of the budget already. I know there are allot of engines out there in peoples stashes, or left from cars that were used for parts. Anyone with an extra engine get in touch with Tom. He makes a really innovative engine started adapter, maybe you could do some trading.

      The long hood RS backdate is really a superior build and deserves a proper motor.
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        Had another idea on how to help Tom Preazzo and get his cars back on the road. If you watch his videos he get a stipend from YouTube via an advertiser. Its not much but every little bit helps...SO. If you open a new browser or a new TAB window and start to watch his build video play list. Set the YouTube player on AUTO PLAY and just let it run in the window. The videos will play including the Ads and his viewer count will go up and so will the stipend payment. Its pretty easy and you can always open that window when you are tired of working from home. Play the videos and drive his viewer numbers up. I have breakfast with Tom every Saturday morning, you will learn allot and help them get the cars back together.
        Right click the below link, "open in a new TAB", then loop the play list in the on the upper right of the video list and let it run.

        Same for MIKES RESTORATIONS videos of the 67 911. These guys are just like most of us, keeping the cars on the road and enjoying doing it them selves. So if you have the bandwidth, open an new tab and auto play the videos.
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          Tom has his 911 backdate on the road with a 912 engine in it. He has posed several videos since I put up the play list. The suspension testing and home wheel alignment and corner balancing is very innovative. Think about a 1885 pound 911, with big brakes and a full cage. I believe when he gets the new engine built this will be a real street rocket
          Here's a chronological list of my Porsche 911 Build in case you want to watch them all in a row. The project starts as an empty shell with extensive metalwor...
          Pushed around since 1966.