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356 Registry - nil points - again

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  • 356 Registry - nil points - again

    I was surprised to see a convertible with Fuchs wheels on the cover of the latest issue of the 356 Registry magazine. Was this an outlaw on the cover? Yes Dorothy it most certainly was and what is more it was featured inside. And good heavens this quite rare convertible D had a 911 engine and 901 gearbox fitted to it. However it wasn't so much the car that was featured, more in fact about the details of the owner who had a slightly interesting poor man does good in the big bad US sort of tale. We received one pic of the engine and that was it. Absolutely no details about the installation or any finer points about the mechanical side of the car. I have to say I was annoyed about this distinct lack of information but I should have realised that in the ways of the Registry this is as They say the type of car where the owners just couldn't care less about how the cars left the factory.

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    Yes photo's and no real information on how a difficult job is done leaves you a bit frustrated. I am not a Registry member so never read the article.


    ( Justin has been very quiet for some time now ? hope all is well.)