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Stolen engine in Holland

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  • Stolen engine in Holland

    From the R site Posted by Jeff Adams

    Dear friends of the 356 Registry

    I have just been alerted to the theft of a four cam engine from one of our European friends, Michiel Hoynck van Papendrecht. Michiel is the owner of Speedco, a well known business in the Netherlands which specializes in vintage Porsche parts sales and service. I have become friends with "Speedco Mike", as I like to call him, from purchasing four cam engine parts for our builds.

    Mike wrote to me today:

    "Wednesday night the 14th of July around 3:30 there has been a burglary at Porsche Specialist Speedco in Bergeilk, near Eindhoven and a Porsche 356 Carrera engine has been stolen. The value of the engine is estimated around $250,000 Euro. The engine serial number is 90047. The engine was being serviced on an engine stand at Speedco before being installed in the car. As, apart from some other Carrera parts that Speedco produces, nothing else was taken and it appears this was a commissioned burglary. The owner is offering a $10,000 Euro reward for any leads that result in finding the engine."

    Mike also mentioned the theft of a reproduction 547 crankcase and special Carrera 2 cylinder head, which was a factory raw casting that had never been machined. The thief left behind anything that was not four cam engine related. Mike is working on getting photos of other identifying numbers and marks on the engine so we know exactly what to look for. Mike is a Registry member who has posted a few times in the past, but asked me to spread the word on his behalf. Any questions or comments can be posted on this thread or private messaged to myself or Mike.

    You are both correct that the serial number for a 547/0 550 engine and owner's description of a "356 Carrera engine" do not match up. Mike told me in a private message the right hand case half had a GT stamp and three digit number, and I made the same observations you did. That is why I mentioned he would be getting back to me with all the identifying marks on the engine. From what he described I would guess this was originally a 547/1 GT engine with a 550 serial number stamped on the other side for whatever reason. We can debate those reasons another time, for the moment just trying to help a friend in another country by getting the word out on this side of the ocean. Mike bought the engine with the numbers already there and does not own a 550, so no ill intent on his part.

    Please keep an Eye Open for 90 047 ,



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    WOW! The thieves knew exactly what they were looking for it seems. I hope the items are recovered and the perpetrators are brought to justice.